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Productiemanager in the agri or food sector

Are you a true leader with an eye for detail, accurate in planning and administration and are you energetic and people-oriented? Then you may be the perfect Production Manager. You can find production managers in almost every sector you can imagine and within the economy. A Production Manager can work for many different types of companies.

Ceres offers vacancies in the Food and Agri sector at Bachelor and Master level. Keeping that in mind you can regularly find a vacancy for a production manager in the portfolio ofCeres.

What is production management?

As a production manager you are a true professional who coordinates all activities to ensure that the production process runs smoothly. This to ensure that goods and services are produced safely, cost-effectively and on time and that they meet the required quality standards.

You do this, among other things, by directing and motivating employees to get the best out of a production process and your team. As a production manager you are the link between management and employees.

Production management in the agri and food sector

Do you want to work as a production manager in the agri and food sector? At Ceres you will regularly find production manager vacancies in different branches. These vacancies are mostly for companies in food production. There are many quality standards that must be met in this sector. This makes this type of job extra challenging!

What are the duties of a production manager?

As a production manager you have an extensive range of tasks. Duties of a production manager may include:

  • Create and follow up on a production schedule
  • Convert customer requirements into an effective production process
  • Manage employees
  • You are a point of contact, motivator and coach for employees
  • Check whether or not raw materials and products meet the required quality standards

Take a good look at every production manager vacancy to see for which specific tasks you will be responsible. The range of duties can differ at every employer.

How to become a production manager

Looking for a production manager training? There are various training and retraining courses that provide good preparation for this job. It is often required to have several years of experience as a manager.

Skills that suit a production manager are:

  • People-oriented and energetic
  • Confident and assertive
  • Planner with good organizational skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Analytical and pragmatic
  • No nonsense mentality

You don't just become a production manager, you often need relevant work experience and a HBO or Master's degree.

What does a production manager earn?

Are you curious about the salary of a production manager? The production manager salary depends on several factors. For example, a production manager's salary depends on your education and experience and what your role will be in the organization. For example, will you become an assistant or will you be given all the responsibilities. Your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

Production manager vacancy at Ceres

Working as a production manager? Or are you looking for another job in the Agri and Food sector. At Ceres you will regularly find various production manager vacancies in the Agri and Food sector. Check our vacancies to see if the position you are looking for is open. Is this not listed? Then send us an open application.

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Ceres offers a wide range of vacancies in the Food and Agri sector. Do you have any questions about Ceres, our production manager vacancies, the application process or maybe another question? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!