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Accountmanager in the agricultural sector

People who have good communication skills,  are good in networking, are result driven and committed to customer satisfaction often thrive in an account management career. An account manager's attention to the needs of those he represents can make the difference between a happy customer. Whether it is maintaining a long-term relationship with the company or an unhappy customer who would rather do business elsewhere.

You will find account managers or key account managers in almost all sectors and branches within the economy. An account manager can work for many different companies. Ceres offers vacancies in the Food and Agri sector at bachelor and Master level. For example, at Ceres you will regularly find account manager vacancies in several different sectors.

For example, think of positions such as retail account manager or international account manager. At this page you will find a detailed overview of what is involved in a career as an account manager position in the agribusiness and food sector.

What is an account manager?

An account manager is the link between the organization he represents and its customers. It does not always mean managing (leading) colleagues, but mainly managing customers, or accounts. In this profession you combine relationship management and sales, and you focus on a long-term relationship with the customer.

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What is a key account manager?

The title account manager and key account manager are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between those two functions. The main difference lies in the level of work. As a key account manager you mainly focus on customers who have a high value for the organization. It is very important that these relationships are well maintained, because these relationships are often of great financial importance to the organization. As a key account manager you therefore work more at a strategic level.

Because the job as a key account manager is more strategic and of a higher level, it also requires certain skills and competences, so experience is often preferred. Sometimes with account management vacancies they often ask to perform tasks that could also suit a key account manager.

What does an account manager do?

We often get the question 'what does an account manager do? As an account manager you can have a variety of tasks and they differ in every organization. For example, in one organization the tasks can be more sales-oriented and in the other organization relationship management is more of importance. There is therefore not one answer to the question 'what does an account manager do', but with their main tasks you can think of, for example:

• Account mapping
• Create and execute account plans
• Relationship management and maintaining relationships
• Collect product and market information
• Achieve sales targets
• Acquisition

Take a look at our account manager vacancies for the specific tasks of the various positions in account management. If you have any questions about certain tasks, you can always contact us.

What does an account manager do in the agricultural and food sector

In the account management profession in the agri & food sector you can work in retail or at arable farming, horticulture, feed, industry and B-to-B. It is important that you have a feeling with the Food and Agri sector or that you already have an agricultural background. Because of your affinity with the agricultural sector, you know how to help customers move forward in a surprising manner.

Examples of tasks include for example, strengthening the market position within Europe by proactively thinking along with retailers. Or about expanding market share through the acquisition and sale of concepts or to think of selling agricultural machines from world brands in a solution-oriented way to arable farmers, horticulturists and/or livestock farmers. The range of tasks as an account manager in the Agri and Food sector can therefore be very diverse.

International account manager in agricultural and food sector

Do you have a passion for jobs abroad and do you like to maintain international contacts? Perhaps a job as an international account manager is something for you. Ceres regularly has vacancies for international account managers. Please check our international page for more information about what we do internationally or check our international account manager vacancies.

Skills and competencies of an account manager

Above is described what an account manager is and what tasks it has, but what makes someone good in this function? There is not specifically one skill that makes a person good at this position.

Business skills, such as good negotiation skills are crucial to perform well and a customer first mentality is also very important. In addition, a thick skin and the ability to perform under pressure are important to succeed in this profession as well. Below we list competencies that we often see in our account manager vacancies:

• Commercially driven.
• Knowledge of agricultural and food sector
• Results-oriented.
• Pioneer, relationship builder and networker.
• Good negotiation skills.
• Customer and service oriented.
• Initiating ability.
• Interlocutor at various levels.
• Ambition and will to push boundaries.
• Hand on.
• Team player.
• Concerned.

In addition to the tasks the expected competencies are also listed in our account manager vacancies.

Account management training

For our account manager positions you need a Bachelor or Master's degree. Courses that provide a good preparation for the account management profession are HBO studies such as Business Administration, Commercial Economics or Marketing Management.

For the Agri and Food sector, relevant courses are sometimes also requested from, for example, WUR, HAS University of Applied Sciences. For our account manager jobs experience in the agricultural sector is often desirable.

There are many career opportunities in this profession. Responsibilities increase as you gain experience. Eventually you can grow into a senior account manager or sales manager. The account manager salary therefore often gets higher.

Account manager salary

Are you curious about the account manager salary? The account manager salary depends on several factors.

Salary depends on:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Responsibilities that come with the role

Why work as a key account manager?

 A key account manager is the key to the success in a company. You therefore have an important role in the organization. In addition to the fact that this comes with certain responsibilities, this position also often has nice advantages. You meet many different people and you therefore have the opportunity to expand your own personal network.

In addition, you usually receive a good account manager salary and bonus schemes are often used. This means that when you reach your set target you may get a bonus. Furthermore, for example, a car and company telephone can also be among the advantages.

Key account management, the key to success

For good business you require good relationships. But maintaining relationships is easier said than done, especially in business where competition is fierce and it's hard to win customer loyalty. Key account managers are essential for maintaining strong customer relationships, he or she often has the shortest lines of communication with the customers and can assess where opportunities and threats lie.

As a company, you can use key account management strategically to maintain and improve the relationship between your company and the customer. Customer satisfaction is central in this profession, he or she is therefore specialized in this. In addition, this profession is crucial in making the most of the potential of existing customers. As a key account manager you are the key to success in an organization.

Account manager jobs at Ceres

Does working as an account manager position in the food or agricultural sector sound like something to you? Or do you already work in account management and are you looking for a new job? At Ceres you will regularly find various vacancies for (key) account manager or international account manager in the Agri and Food sector.

Please check out our food and agricultural vacancies to see if the position you are looking for is listed. Is this not among them? Then send us an open application.