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Horticulture Vacancies - Your Career in Horticulture

Interested in working in the horticulture business? Take a look at our horticulture vacancies. We
offer a wide range of positions in the (international) horticultural sector. Find the job that suits you
with CeresRecruitment.

Jobs in the Horticultural Sector

The Dutch horticulture sector has rapidly developed in the past few years, both nationally and
internationally, through expansion and the upcoming new innovations.

The horticulture business is divided into various branches, such as plant cultivation, ornamental
horticulture, vegetable cultivation, flower bulb cultivation, tree nursery, fruit cultivation, both in
open field greenhouses. Due to new developments in technology and sustainability, many jobs have
been created in these areas. In Ceres' AGF (Agriculture, Horticulture, and Fisheries) job vacancies,
you can find various positions that require a Bachelor's or Master's degree in this exciting and
dynamic sector. Think of positions like:

  • R&D: Breeder, R&D Manager
  • Cultivation: Cultivation Specialist, Cultivation Advisor, or Cultivation Manager
  • Operations: Operations Manager, Production Manager, or Business Manager
  • Commercial: Key Account Manager, Commercial Manager, or Commercial Technical Advisor
  • Management: CFO, Managing Director, or HR Manager
  • International: Operations Manager (China), Farm Manager (Tanzania), or Export Manager (Southern Europe)

Do you prefer to work on a project basis? That certainly is possible by joining our Ceres interim network. More information can be found on our interim page.

Horticultural Regions in the Netherlands

Horticulture flourishes within the Netherlands as well as the export activities from our country. There
are several regions in Holland where many horticultural businesses are located, such as:

  • Westland / Oostland (South Holland)
  • Made and West-Brabant (North Brabant)
  • Aalsmeer, Wieringermeer, and Seed Valley (North Holland)
  • Venlo (North Limburg)
  • Erica, Klazienaveen (Drenthe)

Horticulture is also an important sector outside the Netherlands. Feeding and flowering the world
largely relies on Dutch contributions.

Greenhouse horticulture

Greenhouse horticulture is part of the horticulture sector. Working in greenhouses has never been
more dynamic. Greenhouse horticulture has undergone significant development, with the quality of
products continually improving through new techniques and research. As a result, many jobs have
been created within this particulair sector.

At CeresRecruitment, we constantly have a fresh supply of job vacancies in greenhouse horticulture.
If you don't immediately see your desired job, keep an eye on the vacancies on this website or follow us on LinkedIn.

International Jobs

The Netherlands is very innovative when it comes to (glass) horticulture. Dutch experts are in high
demand abroad. If you're up for the challenge of taking this sector to new heights and sharing your
expertise abroad, be sure to check out our international vacancies.

Strong Network

Ceres has close relationships with clients in the (glass) horticulture sector. Check out all our
horticulture job vacancies and find the AGF job that you're looking for. Thanks to our extensive
network, you'll surely find the job that suits you.

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LinkedIn or send an open application, and one of our consultants will get in touch with you to discuss
your future in the horticulture business.

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