Project new-build coffee factory - Producer of coffee and tea


Our referent is a global player in the coffee and tea market and delivers to consumers in more than 120 countries. The organization exists for more than 260 years and focuses exclusively on coffee and tea products with strong, leading brands.

Situation: due to the growing demand for products from various parts of the world rapid expansion of capacity is necessary. The relationship between management and organization is under pressure. Also there is insufficient internal communication.



•    Ensure that the factory is up and runnind than originally planned.
•    Set up Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) for defining projects.
•    Organize and structure the project management process.
•    Teach the organization to manage projects effectively.
•    Cultural change: from task-oriented to customer-oriented.

Provide insight into the real status of the project.


The profile of the hired Interim Manager

•    Experienced project and program manager.
•    Strong people manager.
•    Solution-oriented.
•    Good communication skills at administrative as welll as operational level.
•    Strong in reducing a problem to the essence.



•    Communication greatly improved.
•    Management has insight in the status, risks and deviations within the entire project.
•    Trust of the management in the operational organization has been restored.
•    Project manager has project under control.
•    Steering committee meetings are much more efficient and effective.
•    Steering committee is able to influence.