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Our referent is a producer and supplier of freshly squeezed juices (100% natural product). The most premium fresh juice available on the European market. The freshly squeezed juices meet the highest quality standards in terms of freshness and hygiene and are produced in special high-care rooms. Core values: craftsmanship, drive, commitment and flexibility.

Situation: strongly growing organization, deliveryperformance is under pressure.



  • Organize logistics in such a way that delivery reliability reaches the desired level.
  • Bring production to a higher level: 'from mechanized craft to process industry'.
  • Increase hygiene, so that the most stringent customer requirements are met.
  • Operation results according to budget.


The profile of the hired Interim Manager

  • Wide-ranging operations manager.
  • Mechanical engineer.
  • More than 20 years of experience at the line in operations management and general management.
  • Strong analytical, helicopter view and able to get into details where necessary.
  • Involves people in problem solving, facilitates and coaches.



  • Controlled process.
  • Costs within the operation are in control.
  • Deliveryperformance greatly improved.