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Interim assignments for candidates

Interim assignments can be an excellent way for many people to use their expertise at an organization. It can be difficult to find an interim vacancy that matches your needs. A good time for a professional to partner with a recruitment agency like Ceres. 

At Ceres, we focus on the agri and food sectors. Our consultants have extensive experience in matching candidates and employers. 

Employer? Find out more about what we can do for you at: Ceres Interim Solutions.


What are interim assignments?

Interim assignments are temporary positions where you work at one of our employers for a certain period, to fulfill a specific assignment or project. Clients often have a need for specific knowledge and skills. Assignments can vary from a few months to several years. Ceres fills interim vacancies at college and university levels in the food sector and agribusiness.


Why work on an interim basis? 

There are several advantages to working on an interim basis compared to permanent employment. Because of the temporary nature, you often have more freedom and flexibility. You determine your rate together and have the freedom to choose which assignments you take on. At the same time, it also requires responsibility and independence. 

It gives you the opportunity to gain new experiences, broaden your knowledge, expand your network and develop yourself further within a wide range of companies and projects.


Common interim positions at Ceres

The interim positions we have available are at university or college level. We often see employers looking for interim managers in the field of change management, improvement management, specific expertise as well as project management. If you are interested in these types of assignments in the food or agri sector, it would definitely be interesting to join our network.


Interim candidate at Ceres

As an interim candidate, you can find interim assignments at Ceres at various levels, from junior to senior. Our cooperation with leading organizations within the agri and food sector enables us to offer you interesting projects. 

In addition, Ceres offers professional guidance and support throughout the entire process, from finding a suitable assignment to completing it.


The working method of CeresInterim Solutions

At Ceres Interim, we understand like no other what is involved in working as an interim professional. We have years of experience in mediating professionals and have an extensive network of employers.

Sign up and if suitable opportunities arise, our Interim consultant will contact you to get to know you and understand your exact requirements and ambitions. Through a personal interview, we will identify your skills, experience, and personality. On this basis, should an assignment arise in the short or long term, we can determine whether the assignment suits you and which employer(s) we can introduce you to.


Register, discuss opportunities, or view vacancies?

Whether you are an experienced interim professional or just looking to make the switch, we at Ceres are ready to help you. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact Henk Heidema, register as a candidate directly, or view our current interim assignments on our website.