Selected people in food & agri

Inge van der Veen

Inge has worked for 18 years in banking services. During her first appointment in the bank business, she has accomplished her study Economics. Inge continued from that moment her career as Financial Advisor (mortgage & capital). In this job she maintained relationships and advised her relations with a lot of enthusiasm. Due to the changing banking landscape, Inge decided to spread her wings outside the banking services and entered the family business of her parents. Together with her brother she ran the bicycle-shop for almost 10 years. The family business changed owner at the end of 2018 and Inge continued her career as an Office Manager for the back office of a glas fiber investor. She combined administrative with commercial activities. Inge is a very entrepreneurial type and she loves and supports a good atmosphere within the office. Besides her main job, she does volunteer work, because Inge considers it important, to keep an eye on lesser people. Because of her wide experience and enthusiasm, she is a welcome addition to the back office of our company.

"Enthusiasm and involvement leads to satisfaction"