Implementation Lean - A-brand manufacturer


Our referent is an A-brand manufacturer and Dutch family business that exists for more than 150 years. Around the middle of the 20th century, the family carried through the transition from traditional production to an industrial bakery. Sales are mainly made through retailers and the production is partly exported.

Situation: Margin pressure by power retailers. Cultural change is necessary.



•    Introduce Lean techniques such as 5S.
•    Improvement of processe: from management to the work floor.
•    Ensure that it brings about a culture change.
•    Ensure that the new situation lasts.


The profile of the hired Interim Manager

•    Communicative skills, people-oriented.
•    University graduated.
•    Hands-on mentality
•    Experience in industry at senior operational level.
•    Experience as an interim manager.



•    5S implemented at all levels and at all locations.
•    Introduced a continuous improvement culture.